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Autumn Statement: UK must recognise the need to strengthen data infrastructure

Data is vital infrastructure for our society and a competitive advantage for a 21st century economy. It is an under-recognised piece of critical national infrastructure that needs government focus and support.

Strengthening data infr… […]

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Open Data Awards 2016: open innovators from around the world

Yesterday, the Open Data Institute celebrated its third annual Open Data Awards at the British Film Institute in London, honouring innovation and excellence in open data across the world […]

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Guest post: What would the open data utopia actually look like?

We often hear of the smoother, safer and richer future that open data could help bring about. Apolitical Editor Alex Starritt speaks with some open data leaders about the steps we need to take to reach this promised land […]

Drinks & Data, at networking in the IODC

    Yesterday during the celebration of the 4th International Conference on Open Data Madrid, Drinks & Data we hold a social event at the conference to present Iniciativa Barcelona Open Data and the Barcelona […]