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On the Code of Data Science

Abstract: Data science calls for rapid experimentation and building intuitions from the data. Yet, data science also underpins crucial decisions and operational logic. Writing production-ready and robust statistical analysis without cognitive overhead may seem a conundrum. I will explore simple, and less simple, practices for fast turn around and consolidation of data-science code. I will […]

Simposio sobre Investigación de Datos Abiertos

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“Preguntas colaborativas cuya respuesta ayudará a comprender mejor los datos abiertos”
El próximo 5 de octubre, investigadores de todo el mundo se reunirán en el segundo…

Comment: What would an open data future look like?

This is the fourth in a blog series discussing how the future affects data infrastructure. The first describes why we are considering three potential data futures, the second explores the locked-down future, and the third explores the paid future

Introducing the Open Data Skills Framework

Having developed an Open Data Skills Framework to benchmark open data skills and manage learner journeys, the ODI is integrating the framework into its courses and Data Lexicon for better guidance and clarity on open data skills